December 18, 2009

Help for Ethiopian orphans

We adopted a son, Adam Abera, from Ethiopia this year. He's a gift and a delight, and our good fortune in adding him to our family is far greater than his good fortune in being added to ours. However, it is true that we brought him home to material support, comfort, security, and opportunity far greater than what he left behind, and of Ethiopia's five million orphans, only a tiny fraction can or should be supported by adoption into first-world nations.

While we were there, we met the remarkable Dr. Tsegaye Berhe, the director of Wide Horizons for Children's program in Ethiopia—a man who truly loves and strives on behalf of children. He impressed upon us how deep the need there is and told us of their program to offer support to the vast number of children there for whom the proper path is not adoption—orphaned children who have family to care for them in Ethiopia, but who need support.

WHFC's program not only provides basic material support for the children you sponsor, it also makes an investment so their families can found viable, profitable businesses, and so, enable them to progress towards self-sufficiency. You can read more about the program here, including a brochure and FAQ.

This season, I would like to ask you to make a commitment and contribution to sponsor a child. $420/year can pull not only a single child, but a family out of poverty. Right now, go to WHFC's Child Sponsorship site and sign up. $420/year is $1.15 per day.

After you've contributed, please let me know. I've made a commitment that I and my companions in group 79, who brought home a double handful of kids this summer, will sponsor 79 children, and I'd like for your support to count towards that goal.

Thank you!

Tim, Laura, Adam, Lucile and Henry.

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