December 14, 2010

Back at Rusk

Just like Lindsay Lohan, we're back in rehab.
Rusk is the top facility for rehab in NYC and one of the best in the country, and it’s absolutely the right place for Adam to be right now. In fact, I made a bit of a problem on Friday night and over the weekend when the administrators at NewYork-Presbyterian and Rusk failed to get him down here on Friday. The climax of that fuss was when they told me that they’d like me to put down a deposit to cover three weeks of care because Blue Shield is closed on the weekend. But I think they were just putting me off—when I asked them where I could bring the check, or if they insisted on cash, they stopped returning my calls.
That said, compared to the newly-built magnificence that is the NYP Greenberg pavilion, the physical plant here does seem a little dated & dowdy. But the care here is right, the staff are excellent, and the food is much better than at NYP (seriously, it’s like making NYP one of the best hospitals in the country required that they have the worst food I've experienced outside of an airplane).
On the subject of insurance: besides being closed on the weekend, the Google health insurance (through Blue Shield of California) has been awesome. We haven't had any problem at all with approvals, and Google's in-house Blue Shield rep has been super-helpful, including calling me Saturday evening to try to work through our problems. While it’s hard sometimes to know how much benefit our kids get from the material rewards of our work lives, I know Adam and the rest of our family are thankful for the support that has enabled his excellent medical care.
We’re hoping to get Adam out of here and home before Christmas. Wish him good luck.

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terrence said...

So glad your son is doing well. Prayers and blessings for a continued full recovery.